The Division’s map size vs GTA V and Fallout 4

the division mapThe release of Tom Clancy’s The Division is looming, and following a large gathering of beta testers over the past week, some fans are questioning the size of the scaled down New York map. Of course, maybe even you are trying to compare it to other game worlds to find justification, but here, someone has done it right. So, which one is the biggest?

The video here by MarcoStyle is done very well, with the Dutchman using a cunning system to measure distances before applying it to the map. He takes strides from one location to another, 200 meters away and then using that distance, can add some scale to the map size. He does the same thing with GTA V’s Los Santos city, as well as Fallout 4’s Commonwealth, and even makes fair comments regarding the differences in each.

While GTA V’s San Andreas alone is bigger than everything else, Marco only uses the city as a point of reference, as The Division is set entirely in a city environment itself. However, the depth found in The Division’s New York is somewhat more so than in Los Santos, which is realistically designed to drive around at speeds in fast-paced cars. The Division is all about the on-foot action, and while that is the case, it also contains a lot of buildings that players can interact with and enter. GTA has a few of them too, but they would generally be stores or mission specific locations like skyscrapers or offices.

Anyway, check out the comparison, and put some confidence in Ubisoft’s development of the map, which should still be a lot of fun to traverse, despite feeling ‘smaller’.

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