The Division lets you craft weapons, here’s a video showing off the feature

The DivisionA Youtuber by the name of Arekkz Gaming has published  a video which shows off the weapon and gear crafting of Ubisoft’s upcoming RPG shooter, Tom Clancy’s The Division. A beta will soon be upon us, and depending on what it allows you to do, this video may help explain a few things before you hit the streets of New York.

First things first, it’s worth noting that cosmetic gear can’t be crafted, but weapons, backpacks and armour can indeed be toyed with. Improving backpack capacity might be a worthwhile investment, if other RPGs are anything to go by…

When you’re in your main base of operations, you will come across a crafting table. On the left side, you will see a list of what can be crafted, and to the right of each item, you will see a list of the crafting options. Find blueprints littered across the streets and buildings of New York to further increase your crafting options. I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking, but in the meantime, enjoy it and look forward to the beta at the end of this month if you’re fortunate enough to have an access code.

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