The Division: It’s Fun Again!

The DivisionWhen Massive released update 1.3 to Tom Clancy’s The Division several months ago, the online community slammed the company for releasing such a horribly unbalanced update which sucked what fun was left from the game. We went from being able to solo farm the Dark Zone (DZ) brackets 1-5 to being one-shotted by the AI when we stepped foot inside  DZ01. The backlash forced Massive to rethink everything.

They halted all progress on their season pass DLC Survival in favour of fixing their game. The player base plummeted across all platforms as people simply found the game too frustrating and not rewarding enough. Enemies are no longer bullet sponges – they actually go down! But so do you, so don’t get cocky and be sure to use your cover.

The Underground ranks now require less XP to level up.

The quality of life has also dramatically improved. You can now sort your gear by New, Old, Gear Score etc. Players are also now able to categorise their inventory to make browsing their gear a much quicker task.

Daily challenges give you caches. Bosses give you caches. XP for killing enemies give you caches. You can purchase caches in the Base of Operations. The loot drops are a massive improvement.

Look – The Division had its problems. If you sold your copy – fair enough. But if you still own the game and gave up due to bugs and/or unbalanced NPC’s then just give it a try again. What do you have to lose?

For a full list of changes made in patch 1.4, click here.

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