Try The Division for free with a timed trial

The DivisionThe Division, an Ubisoft title that released to a lot of hype, huge sales, and disgruntling post-release updates is still doing the rounds, and Ubisoft want you to continue to commit to it. They also want new players who may have overlooked it or missed it to check it out for themselves. For that, there is a new free trial.

The free trial goes live today, February 28th, on Xbox One and PC, while PlayStation 4 players will have to wait until March 8th for their opportunity to try it out. The free trial grants you access to 6 free hours of game time, and will limit your leveling cap to level 8. This will be just enough to let you experience the introductory level of the game and a few of the opening missions.

If by then you think ‘core blimey, this is actually rather sicccckkkk’, and decide to buy it, all progress made in the trial will carry over into the full game should you invest. The free trial features all aspects of the game, save for expansions which are optional and available to purchase only, but you can play alone or in co-op, in or out of the Dark Zone.

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