The Division: End of Society Simulator

The Division End of Society SimulatorDo you hate the world, and the people who inhabit it? Would you like to work out mathematically how long it would take for you and your homemade virus to spread across your town or city, wiping everyone out? Of course you would! Here’s you End of Society Simulator, to live out your fantasies….

Tom Clancy’s The Division finished up its all platform public beta last weekend, with a record breaking 6.4 million players diving in to explore New York City following its smallpox virus outbreak. Ubisoft are really cranking up the hype, releasing this new End of Society Simulator, to let you see how long it would take for a virus outbreak to affect your area.

You can play the game here, at Collapse, and enter your own location to see how it all unfolds. I lasted 10 days before my jaded laptop started chugging due to the processing required. Poor little fella, and poor little me. I’ll never know my fate! Still, it’s a fun little app and I enjoyed it. It’s certainly a scary scenario if it was to take place. Thanks Ubisoft. I’ll sleep well tonight!

“Collapse is a realistic simulator based on real data that shows how quickly a weaponized virus could spread, leading to the end of society, as depicted in the story of The Division. “

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