The Division dumps its companion app / beta sign up live

The DivisionThis week, Massive Entertainment told IGN that the companion app that they planned to release alongside Tom Clancy’s The Division has been canceled, stating that it “created an imbalance” that compromised the gameplay.

The app, which allowed another player to control a drone using a tablet device, and assist the player’s friends on the ground, offering fire support and buffs. Massive felt that the drone was too overpowering, and conflicted with the gameplay design. It’s somewhat worrying, considering it was in place since early in development, and cutting it at this late stage might affect the final product, in my opinion.

As for the beta, you can sign up for it here,  but please note, that as of E3, it was confirmed by Ubisoft that the Xbox One would be getting exclusive early access to the beta, starting in December of this year. You can still sign up for PlayStation 4 and PC however, with just a little longer to wait to check it out.

The E3 gameplay trailer for The Division showed how players would be able to ‘go rogue’, and fall out with their team, meaning nobody can be trusted, even your friends. It makes for an interesting gameplay mechanic, one which will be both exciting, and frustrating. Loot will be a big aspect of the game, and getting stabbed in the back by your friend at the end of a frenzied gun battle will not be a welcomed sight.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is said to be released around March of next year, finally!

[Source: IGN, Ubisoft]

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