The Division DLC to release first on Xbox One, beta now live

the divisionThe Division’s public beta starts this week; today on Xbox One with PC and PlayStation to follow tomorrow. As well as that, GameStop has revealed that the Xbox One will receive all future content updates 30 days earlier than the other platforms. Remember friends, don’t hate the player, hate the game.While this is a business decision amongst the ladies and gentlemen in the suits, it doesn’t give anyone any right to slander the gamers who just want to play a game that they’re excited for. The 30 day exclusivity wasn’t your idea, my idea or another gamers’, it involved a bit of money, which could have been better spent elsewhere. Now, back to the topic of the story.

While Ubisoft hasn’t confirmed just what this DLC may be, what we do know is that The Division will receive a season pass which includes three expansions and free monthly updates. Will the free monthly updates fall under the 30 day exclusivity? We don’t know for certain.

The Division releases on March 8th, and is one of Ubisoft’s most ambitious projects to date. We will be jumping on the beta this weekend to check it out and try out the newest mission that is being added over the previous closed beta. Just don’t shoot us in the back like a naughty rogue agent…

Speaking of which, Ubisoft released a new trailer for this week’s beta, so check that out below.

[Source: GameStop]

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