The Division Closed Alpha is on Xbox One this week

The DivisionUbisoft have postponed The Division’s promised beta from December until ‘early 2016’, but while fans might be disappointed with that, some may be fortunate enough to earn themselves an entry into an exclusive Xbox One closed alpha test this week.

Codes have already started rolling out, to fans who have pre-ordered the game, and signed up on The Division’s website previously. It’s unknown how many players will be given an opportunity to try it out, but Ubisoft is adamant that gameplay footage, streams and recordings are kept off the air, meaning nobody else will rightfully see it.

The alpha will require 23Gb of space, and will run from December 9th until the 12th. On the Ubisoft blog post, the publisher said “This exclusive Xbox One alpha testing phase in December will be the first time the public gets to play a version of The Division that includes more than the Dark Zone PvP enabled areas. This means the moment you and other players sign into the game, you’ll be giving us valuable insight into how our infrastructure performs under pressure that we can’t replicate internally or at a tradeshow. This process allows us to monitor and gather additional feedback on other aspects of The Division, as well. However, due to the early stage of this alpha, we ask that all participants do not share images, video, or descriptions of the game’s content outside of the official Division alpha forum. Players will be prompted to accept a non-disclosure agreement before playing the alpha.”

[Source: Ubisoft]

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