The Dawning begins next week on Destiny

destiny the dawningWith Christmas upon us, and Halloween long since gone, it’s time for new content, can Destiny do no wrong? With Sparrow Racing, new quests, presents and gear, a perfect way to round out your year? Hooray for you Guardians, The Dawning is nearly here.

The Dawning is the Christmas event for Destiny, with the lights going on on December 13th, all the way through to January 3rd. The Sparrow Racing League will make return, and with it, new Quests, new gear for your Guardian, and some brand new ways to compete in Strikes.

Throughout the event, expect the hub to be decorated accordingly for the the festive season, with some festive loot and gear to unlock, from snowman masks to snowglobe helmets. Just because.

As well as the festive update, The Dawning will bring changes to Strike missions going forward. Detailed by VG247, “Functioning similarly to Prison of Elders scoring, Strike scoring gives you a chance to earn rewards, challenge leaderboards and earn reputation in a new Strike scoring Vanguard faction headed up by Zavala, who will also offer bounties.”

There will also be a new gear set available for those who prove successful at completing Strikes, if you’re up to the task and have a squad able to assist you.

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