The Crew and XCOM now available on Xbox One

xbox games with gold june the crew xcomIt’s the 16th of June and that means the two latter titles for this month’s Games with Gold on Xbox are available to download and enjoy. The titles this month have been a fantastic selection, with both Super Meat Boy and Goat Simulator coming to offer loads of fun for players. As of today, The Crew and XCOM: Enemy Unknown are available.

The Crew is Ubisoft’s take on massively open world racing with co-op and competitive options available. Set in a condensed world resembling the entirety of the United States, race from east coast to west in a story that will take you about 20 hours. It also takes approximately 45 minutes in real time to drive from coast to coast in-game. Who’s up for a cruise?

the crew gameplay

It’s also worth noting that since the release of the game’s expansion, Wild Run, that developer Ivory Tower has released a few update that alters how the game looks and feels compared to its original release. The Crew is one of two games this console generation to do this, with the other one being Dying Light.

The video below shows the difference in visuals before and after the upgrade. The left is the new, and the right is how it used to look.

The other free game available to Gold members is Firaxis’ XCOM: Enemy Unknown. While some may be turned away instantly by its turn based combat, I implore you to stick with it and give it the chance it so rightly deserves.

A tutorial mode will teach you the basics and hold your hand for a couple of missions, but once you have done that, maybe take what you’ve learned and start a fresh game on your own. There’s no better way to learn than in making mistakes.

XCOM puts you in command of a squad of a secret military organisation, funded by the world’s governments in the event of an alien invasion. Guess what? The aliens invaded, and they’re hostile. With top down, turn based shooting and cover mechanics, it’s a highly strategic game where each combat scenario could be your last. What makes it even more intense is when you name your soldiers after friends or family.

xcom gameplay

After each mission, your soldiers level up and unlock new skills and abilities. If they die in combat, they are dead forever. Sometimes they can get shot up, survive, but have to sit it out for a number of days before they are ready for combat again.

In XCOM, you must stop the alien threat, while also acquiring their tech on the battlefield to research it back at base and create new more powerful weapons and gear. It gets super deep, and very difficult! I can’t recommend this game enough!

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