The Crew is getting a new expansion

the crew calling all unitsCalling All Units, we have a situation here, and are in pursuit of a new expansion coming to Ubisoft’s open world racer, The Crew. Calling All Units is the second major expansion of The Crew, the revolutionary action-driving game released in 2014.

Take to the road as a cop or as a street racer and prove your driving skills across the entire US to become an ace officer or the most wanted petrolhead. In this always-on, all-terrain confrontation, you can rely on a whole set of special abilities and the widest variety of vehicles to quench your thirst for action, and of course, the total support of your crew. Choose your side, stay sharp, and take over the world.

Street racers have been ruling the roost, until today. Want to set the record straight? Join the police and chase them all across the US in frantic, high-risk pursuits. Perform successful arrests and get your hands on a wide range of exclusive cop vehicles, from exotic supercars to legendary motorbikes or indestructible SUVs. Prefer to stay in the shadows as an underground racer? Take off with the cargo and you’re in for some sweet rides and rewards. No place is off limits and no chase is like any other, so whichever side you’re on and whoever’s on your team, make sure you’ve got the right wheels for the terrain and use every special ability to boost your vehicle or mess with your rival’s.

I started playing The Crew only recently when it became available as part of Xbox’s Games with Gold free games for a particular month, and boy did I love it. Such a massive world, created by individuals behind the wonderful Test Drive Unlimited, which encouraged me to buy an Xbox 360.

The Crew is set in a scaled down version of the US, which can take about 45 minutes to traverse across, coast to coast. Seeing Ubisoft continue to support the game is fantastic, and I will definitely consider picking this expansion up!

Calling All Units will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on November 29th.

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