The Best Game Trailers of 2015

play game trailersWith the year about to end and tip over into 2016, I thought it would be an interesting idea to group up the best trailers for the games of 2015. While it’s not the definitive list for everyone, these are trailers that certainly hyped up the game’s release. Marketing at its finest.

I’ll start with the trailer for Resident Evil HD Remaster, which – as a person who played this on its original release in the 90s, thinks this looks stunning. The sounds, the voice acting, the lighting, and a super hard game to boot. I can’t help but feel super excited about the remake of Resident Evil 2 either!

Next on the list is Techland’s Dying Light, a game that launched early in 2015, and proved to be one of the year’s best games. Taking the Dead Island style gameplay and adding in parkour, Dying Light is the game that keeps on giving, and is still receiving updates and expansions, with one coming early in 2016. 4 player co-op zombie survival, anyone?

Now, we move onto The Order: 1886 for PlayStation 4. While criticized for its depth and length (talking about a game here, get your mind out of the gutter), there’s no denying that The Order was a cinematic experience worth your time. If a sequel sees the light of day, it can only build on this foundation, and be something amazing.

Ori and the Blind Forest is one of the Xbox One’s crown jewels in 2015, with gorgeous visuals and hardcore platforming gameplay. The trailer starts off slow and moody, before displaying what kind of threat lies ahead. A game fondly enjoyed by many, and a great one too!

DICE and Visceral Games released Battlefield Hardline earlier in the year, taking the traditional Battlefield gameplay but adding a cops and robbers spin to it. Hardline is a ‘Marmite’ game; you either love it or hate it, but it seems fans just want military combat with their Battlefield, despite Visceral’s attempt at adding a decent cop story.

Bloodborne for the PS4 was highly regarded, and to many their Game of the Year, which says a lot. FromSoftware made it more accessible than the Dark Souls series, and although still a difficult game, it helped bring in new fans for FromSoftware. Here’s hoping for another stellar release from these guys. Dark Souls 3 anyone?

2015 saw the return of Mortal Kombat X, one of the world’s greatest and most established fighting games. Bringing even more disgusting fatalities and X-ray moves, a great lineup of new and old kharacters, and letting us spell c-words with k’s, it’s great to see Mortal Kombat still kicking ass and decapitating with style.

The current generation of consoles may be seen as the generation of remasters, with many old and modern titles getting revamped and updated. Some are questionable, but some like Grim Fandango are welcomed surprises. PlayStation 4 owners can play this one for free in January with the Instant Game Collection, so give it a shot!

It wouldn’t be a Best Trailers of the Year post without the excellent Witcher 3 included, and Geralt won the hearts of many this year. The Witcher 3 welcomes thousands of new fans to the series, with CD Projekt RED displaying a fantastic release schedule of free DLC, a massive game, and a superb story. These guys are worth watching in the future.

Nintendo’s breakout hit Splatoon deserves a mention, firstly because it adds a lot of colour to the list of awesome trailers, and secondly because it describes how to play the game within the songs punk rock lyrics. Being a squid and a kid has never been more fun!

Everyone who played Skyrim or Oblivion dreamed of playing the games in co-op with friends, and The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited gave you that option, sort of. While not as deep and involving as Bethesda’s classics, it still felt the same, and allowed you to form a guild and work together with friends. Not the deepest MMO on the market, but if you’re new to that genre, this one does the job.

“This is how the Batman died,” says the trailer, so don’t consider that a spoiler. Batman Arkham Knight was my personal Game of the Year, with its gorgeous visuals, great story and gameplay that made you feel like the dark knight himself. This is also one of my favourite trailers of the year. I’m not being biased, I promise!

Her Story was one of this year’s most interesting releases. It’s rare to see a game driven by full motion video, asking the player to try figure out the story themselves, with each player coming to their own conclusions. While many didn’t like it, it was unique, and the trailer certainly generated some interest and intrigue.

Rare Replay also makes the list, bringing a bundle full of nostalgia to the Xbox One this year. Featuring 30 classic Rare titles, minus Goldeneye unfortunately, it was a walk through game development and the history of games we enjoy most. This particular trailer was a singalong devotion to a brilliant package.

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture had a trailer that made you want to find out more as soon as possible. It grabbed you, kept your attention, and didn’t give you enough information as to what was going on. Certainly one of this year’s most captivating trailers, before its release on PS4.

One of 2015’s hottest releases, and one surrounded with the most controversy between Hideo Kojima and Konami, Metal Gear Solid V has without a doubt, the longest trailer of the year, and ends Kojima’s story on a less than exceptional ending, unlike his previous Metal Gear games.

For this entry, I’m cheating by picking the TV commercial instead of the launch trailer, because it’s just too fun, and it’s definitely one of my favourite trailers of the year. I’m a massive Forza fan, and this trip through time and racing game history is a must watch!

LEGO Dimensions and its trailers brought out the kid in us, and while the choice of box sets and worlds is phenomenal, the price tag is probably its most daunting aspect. Still, if you love the LEGO games, this is the most ambitious one to date. Portal, Ghostbusters, Batman, Superman, Back to the Future, The Simpsons, Doctor Who. You name it, it’s in LEGO Dimensions!

Probably my personal favourite trailer of 2015, not because I’m a massive Star Wars fan, as I’m not, but because DICE just do trailers like nobody else. This one made you feel like you were in the movies, part of the epic battles. While the player base is divided over the game’s content, the trailer does nothing less than shine.

I shall finish with the launch trailer for Fallout 4, Bethesda’s biggest game ever to date, and one that will stay in our minds and disc trays (if you still use them) for a long time. Exiting Vault 111, we all experienced an adventure through the Boston wasteland, meeting great characters and building some awesome weapons and settlements. War never changes.

While there are hundreds of other trailers for the hundreds of game releases this year, we each have our favourites and our standout teasers. These are some of mine, and I would like to know what trailers you loved this year. Feel free to add your own links in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.

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