The Amiiqo may undo Amiibo

amiiqoA new NFC device is set to hit the market in the future, which could potentially destroy Nintendo’s Amiibo money maker. The Amiiqo will store all data related to the Amiibo characters, without the need for the figures. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than buying all figurines!

The Amiiqo is roughly one-third the size of the average phone, shaped like a keyring, and has the ability to store enough data for 200 Amiibo figures, and comes pre-installed with the data of 10. The Amiiqo will allow owners to download Amiibo data from websites, meaning they could access features and extras in games that are locked out for those without the particular Amiibo. The issue with the Amiibo figures is that they only store data for one particular game, yet can be used in multiple games. This device will allow you to store that data as a ‘backup’, which it is being sold as.

amiiqoMario Kart 8 includes Amiibo-exclusive Mii racing skins, Mario Party 10 includes exclusive game boards, and Splatoon includes additional challenges for the game specific squid-kids, but with the Amiiqo, you could have them all.

The Amiiqo will set you back £49.75 or €69.99, which you can pre-order here. The only drawback is that it requires an Android phone to use it. Still, being such a popular platform, there’s bound to be an Android device in your vicinity.

Whether Nintendo shut the device down or patch their way around it is to be seen, but we imagine they won’t ignore the existence of the device, and that this story will develop further. Below, you can see it in action.

[Source: Eurogamer]

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