That hot Mexican weathergirl Yanet Garcia dates a Pro Call of Duty player

yanet garciaHere’s your inspirational story to get you through your Wednesday. You know that super attractive Mexican weathergirl that is all over the internet? Yes, we mean Yanet Garcia. Well, it turns out that she’s in a relationship with professional Call of Duty player, Faze Censor, otherwise known as Doug Censor Martin

Faze Censor has won quite a bit playing Call of Duty. In 2011 he came first in MLG National Championship 2011, which then lead to victories later on in the Call of Duty Championship US Regional FinalUMG Nashville 2014, and most recently, MLG Columbus 2014. Now, his most prized winning seems to be Yanet Garcia, the 24 year old Mexican weathergirl who has taken the internet by storm, from Televisa Monterrey news. People tune in daily to see what she’s wearing, as they don’t really care about the weather, considering it’s Mexico and it’s always hot!

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Below, you can see the two of them having some fun together, proving that they are indeed a couple, and don’t they both look happy? Remember, playing video games can increase your success in life, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! We’re not jealous either. Just so you know….*cough*

No doubt we’ll be seeing more of Yanet Garcia in the future. She first came to my attention with a Youtube video by Ozzy Man Reviews, and from there, she has just been on the radar ever since!

[Source: Twitter, Sportsgrid]

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