Tesco temporarily priced the Nintendo NX online

nintendoThe Nintendo NX is quickly becoming one of the most elusive consoles, and while no official announcements about what it’s capable of, or how it will work have been made, anticipation is still high. After Sony and Microsoft showed their console cards, what does Nintendo have up its sleeve?

This morning, a twist in the tail came about via Tesco, although it’s not so much a twist, just another part of the puzzle. A temporary page on their website this morning displayed a price tag of £350. However, that price soon disappeared completely, and while the page still exists, saying no more than ‘Nintendo NX Wii U’, it gives us an indication that maybe a reveal is just days or weeks away.

Announcing a new console so close to the holidays might not be the best idea, but Sony did it themselves this month with two console announcements; the PS4 Slim and the PlayStation 4 Pro. Both available this month and in November, respectively.

zelda breath of wind nintendo

If Nintendo reveal their new console, we know it won’t be coming until maybe the spring, tying in with the release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We’d like to see a bit more of their launch line-up, and we’re crossing our fingers that they have some pretty hot titles in the works for it. But will it be a hybrid console/handheld, just a console, or just a handheld?!

[Source: MyNintendoNews]

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