Terror Birds and Grappling Hooks for Ark Survival Evolved

ark terror birdArk Survival players on Xbox One will have a new update to look forward to this week. Developer Studio Wildcard revealed a new trailer showcasing patch 732, which adds ‘Terror Birds’ and…grappling hooks?!

The trailer is very well done, adding in a bit of humour in relation to a squad of survivors making their way up the side of a cliff with their new grappling hook weapons. Considering I’m still new-ish to Ark, and find myself clubbing dodos to death while collecting stones and berries, seeing all this crazy tech in the game makes me feel like I’m worlds apart from where regular players are at the moment.

Ark has been available on Xbox since December as part of the Game Preview program. The game is still in alpha, with a full release expected this summer, alongside a release on PlayStation 4. It is also on Steam early access.

[Source: Twitter]

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