Tending to animals in Farming Simulator 17

farming simulator 17 animalsA new gameplay trailer for Farming Simulator 17 shows you how to tend to your animals. This year, the game adds pigs, on top of the already existing cows, sheep and chickens. Each will require their own care and treatment, and you will have to mix up some produce to feed them.

Feeding cows requires a lot of work, and a lot of money. You will need machinery that mixes up hay and grass to properly create manure, which you can then spread on your fields to grow crops. Sheep require grass to eat too, who will then produce wool for you, which you can sell on to turn a profit. Pigs, well, we all know where they go. Yum yum! Chickens are self maintaining and will deliver eggs every day or so, which can be sold to keep your bank balance in the black at the early stages of the game.

The trailer also shows off the new transportation features, such as taking animals around your farm to the fields and to where you sell them. Also note the new pullies around your bales, which prevent them from falling off trailers. A simple new feature, but one that makes sense.

We also get a look at some of the new equipment and tractors that will be available in Farming Simulator 17, with over 250 individual items included with the game.

Who says farming is boring?!

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