Team17 announce The Escapists The Walking Dead

The Escapists The Walking DeadThe Escapists has been one of the more popular indie games of recent months. The Walking Dead is probably one of the most popular franchises of recent years. What happens when you combine the two? Well we’ll all soon find out because Team17 have announced that they are working on The Escapists The Walking Dead.

The game will be created using the pixel style seen in The Escapists and places Rick in charge of a group of survivors many of whom feature in the original comic books. Where The Escapists saw players trying to escape from a prison this new game will instead see them trying to find a safe escape route through each area managing dangerous tasks along the way and keeping the group members alive. It follows the timeline of the comic book story and will see the group go through many familiar locations.

Debbie Bestwick, the Managing Director at Team17, had the following to say; “With well over 600,000 units sold, the award-The Escapists The Walking Deadwinning The Escapists is one of the hit indie titles of 2015.   Masterminding your escape from prison is hard enough but how can we make it harder? Zombies.  Remember poor Rick Grimes trying to escape hospital, organise life at a farm or hold up in an abandoned prison? A little bit of awesome 8-bit pixel love later and BOOM! It is great to partner with Skybound and The Walking Dead and we are really excited to ‘escapify’ the amazing, rich and sinister world of Robert Kirkman.”

The game will be making it’s debut in just a few short days as those attending the Walker Stalker Fan Fest in Petco Park, San Diego (July 10th/11th) will be able to play the very first level which is set in the Harrison Memorial Hospital. It will release in full on PC and Xbox One later this year.

Source: Team17

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