Team Coco play WWE 2K16 with Paige

stream coco wwe paigeWWE starlet, Paige joins Team Coco, Conan O’Brien’s gaming channel, to show off the latest WWE game, 2K16.¬†Clueless Gamer’s Aaron Bleyaert takes her on in a series of fights, giving fans a chance to listen to Paige in action, and see what the game has to offer this year.

Feel free to make jokes about Paige playing with herself, or how awkward it might feel for Aaron as he beats the crap out of the digital person he’s sitting beside. Yeah, that could be weird. For the second match, they pick Enzo Amore and Brock Lesnar and compete in a Hell in a Cell match. I’m curious to know, what do you guys make of the visuals in this year’s WWE game? Does it look like current gen, or would you make comparisons to last gen wrestling games?

Here’s a bonus picture of Paige, holding a copy of WWE 2K16 for PlayStation 4. You’re welcome!

paige wwe

[Source: Youtube]

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