Take Two to have a big presence at E3 this summer

red dead redemption take two 2kTake Two Interactive, who are the parent company of Rockstar Games and 2K, have told MCV that in regards to E3 this summer, “We will be there in a big way.” Fans are hoping for another Red Dead game, but is that really where Rockstar is at at the moment? It’s not like Rockstar to announce a new title at E3 anyway. What else do Take Two have in store?

Games being published by the company this year include Mafia 3, Battleborn (by Borderlands developer Gearbox Software) and Civilization Revolution 2 Plus for PlayStation Vita. 2K also oversee Bioshock, with recent rumours pointing towards a Bioshock Collection, possibly up-rezzed for the current console generation. This would be nice, but not headline news for the likes of E3.

I personally doubt that Rockstar Games will reveal that they are working on a follow up to Red Dead Redemption, although I would rather bet on them re-releasing it for current generation consoles much like GTA V, with first person views and nicer looking horses. Despite that, it still seems that Red Dead is making its way to the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility feature, and maybe that alone disproves the remastered release theory I just made up.

I think that the much rumoured GTA V story DLC will be the big news. Considering GTA V is one of the biggest releases of all time, with a massive install base across two generations, I think that single player DLC will certainly go down well, and will see a release on last gen platforms as well as standalone discs, much like the Episodes from Liberty City, which featured the Lost & Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.

episodes from liberty city take two

What about a console release of XCOM 2? 2K handle Firaxis’ releases, and a console version of the super difficult turn based strategy would be a welcomed release. There could also be another Borderlands, but with Gearbox still to release Battleborn, I’d call that a longshot for 2016.

[Source: Gamespot]

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