Take a spin around New Bordeaux in new Mafia III trailer

Mafia III RetaliationThe Mafia series¬† is coming back this year, and it looks to be bigger than ever. Of course, navigating such open game worlds requires vehicles; something that the Mafia players know feature heavily in the series. Buckle up, and let’s take a tour of New Bordeaux, Mafia III’s setting.

Hangar 13, Mafia III’s developer are aiming for a Hollywood style experience, where you feel like you’re a stunt driver in an action movie. We don’t want simulation style physics, but it looks to be fun to weave around traffic, Bullitt style. One thing that’s emphasised is that each car has weight, and you will feel this weight when power-sliding around corners at high speeds. Different surfaces around the world will also affect your maneuverability, so whether that’s marshy, muddy roads or rain-soaked streets, you will get a sense for it in your car’s handling.

Mafia III releases worldwide on October 7th.


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