Take a guided tour of Mass Effect Andromeda’s Tempest

tempest mass effect andromedaWe’ve already been introduced to the main characters of Mass Effect Andromeda, those who will be voicing your decision-making, but now it’s time to meet the other two extremely important ‘characters’ of Bioware’s upcoming space opera, the Tempest and the Rover.

The Tempest is Mass Effect Andromeda’s take on the Normandy, the ship you spent a majority of your time with in the original trilogy (before and after it blew up). The Tempest is a lighter vehicle than the Normandy, which can travel huge distances through space, letting you land on any planets you discover. From there, you can then roll out onto the terrain with your six-wheeled all terrain rover.

You can change between four and six wheel drive. The Nomad includes thrusters akin to the Mako from the first Mass Effect. Customization options will be available for it, because every modern game needs some sort of optional paint schemes. On top of that, the Nomad can also deploy a mining drone that will let you seek out useful materials to aid you with crafting new items for both ship and crew.

The Tempest features a research lab, which allows you to upgrade weapons, armour and the Nomad. There’s a meeting room which Mass Effect fans should already be familiar with, from their times of cutting off the council or arranging suicide missions. Expect some dramatic conversations and excellent narrative bits here, surely.

There’s also an engineering room, obviously, as well as an Armoury, Med bay and cargo bay, where you will find the Nomad. There’s a crew quarters, galley and your own massive bedroom. The bridge is where you will plan and travel to new locations in an updated version of the galaxy map we’re all so used to.

Mass Effect Andromeda drops into our orbit on March 21st, before whisking us away to the Andromeda system to find ourselves a new home.

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