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GTA V comes under fire in Australia again, hilariously

gta lcpdfr nswBeing the resident 4-One GTA Online addict and super fan, I couldn’t help but laugh in bed this morning at this piece posted by Kotaku. Video games have forever been at the forefront of blame when it comes to real life acts of violence, and the Grand Theft Auto series generally finds itself in the top spot, alongside Doom, Call of Duty and anything else which features a gun.
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New PlayStation ad shows a King longing for adventure

the king ps4 adSony have released a new live action promotional trailer for the PlayStation 4, which will be doing the rounds in the run up to Christmas. In the trailer, a medieval King is fed up of everyday life in his kingdom, and yearns for some excitement. Can the PlayStation 4 offer him some solace? Continue reading New PlayStation ad shows a King longing for adventure

Suicide Squad Review

suicide squadSuicide Squad has faced a massive identity crisis. The first trailer gives us a feeling of darkness and twisted evil that overpowers all feeling. The second (Bohemian Rhapsody) and third (Ballroom Blitz) trailers ex hue a feeling of lightheartedness and fun. So what is it going to be? Neither because Suicide Squad is a mess of a movie that is filled with poor editing, an often dreadful script, and obscure tone and pacing issues. There are definitely good moments within the movie, such as good character interactions and solid action. Suicide Squad looked so promising and just falls short of expectations as a mixed bag of fun and missteps.

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Lights Out movie review

lights outMany horror movies succumb to the pitfalls of cliches riddled within the genre. Jump scares, illogical decisions, one-dimensional characters just to name a few. Lights Out has a simple yet effective premise. Essentially when the lights turn out the monster is present, when the lights are on it disappears. This makes the monster an effective operator in the shadows. Continue reading Lights Out movie review

Spotlight – Multiplayer is ruining our best games

destiny crucibleThis week, community member Sean left a link on our Facebook wall, not saying much about it, instead letting the article do the talking. He did say that it’s a complaint he has had for years, about how multiplayer gaming is ruining the Triple A story game.

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