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What Logan Means for Comic Book Movies

Logan¬†Comic book adaptations are the Western of the 21st century. Throughout the 50-60s there was an influx of Western movies, a new one releasing every few months, if that. The crawl of comic book movies and progression to phenomena has been a long time coming. You can attribute their mainstream success thanks to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy and the connectedness of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This success has launched a stronger emphasis for DC to keep up with Marvel and for Fox to increase production on the X-men movies. 2016 saw six superhero movies from these three behemoths and 2017 will grace us with another six. Through these years we’ve only see a few game-changers, such as, The Dark Knight. Well it’s time to add another and it goes by the name of Logan.

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Deadpool SPOILER Review

deadpoolHey chimichanga fans, fangirls, and fanboys alike! This guy right here was lucky enough to see Deadpool and while we have the lovely standard review out, I wanna dive into the meat and potatoes of this movie and what makes it, with some thoughts for the future sprinkled in. From here on out there are nothing but spoilers and swears, two or three of my favorite S-words. I repeat there are Deadpool spoilers abundant, do not read this until you’ve seen the movie or if you’re a greedy person that just like things ruined. Below are spoilers and intense language.

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