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Dunkirk Review

Christopher Nolan is known for spectacle in cinema. His films are among the most grandiose with a fan of film yet also appeal to a wider audience. His previous two films haven’t resonated as well as his other efforts. Entering a new genre in itself, Dunkirk has all the Nolan craft with plenty of great moments.  Dunkirk boasts stunning cinematography, the best sound you’ll hear in a theater, and an excellent structure. While it isn’t perfect, nor near the top of the ladder, Dunkirk cements itself as another thrilling moment that’s anchored by Christopher Nolan and Co and resonates as a great time out at the theater.

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The Revenant Review

the_revenant_trailer_alexa_65_footageWe’re only one week into 2016 and we get to start the year off on a great note with our first notable release. The Revenant is the story of a group of Fur Traders that are ambushed and resort to fleeing back to their base of operations. In this group we get three dominant figures; Hugh Glass, (Leonardo DiCaprio) John Fitzgerald, (Tom Hardy) and  Andrew Henry (Domhnall Gleeson) that lead the group. Glass predominantly leads the group through their endeavors with his son at his side. Though Fitzgerald isn’t a huge fan of Glass and his indian son, that’s just where the tension starts to begin.

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The Best Movie of May Goes to the Mad

Mad-Max-Tom-Hardy-Grab-fury-roadMay has had the busiest month for blockbuster movies, for what could be the entire year. We’ve seen a lot of strong contenders this month including Age of Ultron, Pitch Perfect 2, and others. However through the heavy list of what’s come out, the choice was a simple one, and it was indeed a lovely day. Mad Max Fury Road has slaughtered the competition because it’s given us two things we haven’t seen in a long time: Max Rockatansky and the perfect summer movie.

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Pitch Perfect Dominates Box Office, Mad Max has Lovely Weekend

FRD-22003.JPGComing into the weekend there were thoughts of it being a close battle for first, however, Pitch Perfect 2 completely shattered the first projected number of around the 40 million mark and has grossed 70 million domestically. Mad Max made a respectable 44.4 million to come in at second this weekend and The Avengers: Age of Ultron rounds out the top three at third with 38.8 million. Pitch Perfect 2 also made 30 million internationally to come with a superb 100 million worldwide opening weekend.

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Mad Max Fury Road Review

maxresdefault1To think it’s been 30 years since Mad Max has graced cinema screens is a mind boggling thought. To know that Fury Road has been the sequel that the Road Warrior deserves, is even more head spinning. In a day and age where sequels often pale in comparison to their predecessors, George Miller proves that he’s come home to a franchise that he knows best. Mad Max Fury Road is a triumph in every way. It delivers pulse pounding action, stays true to the Max that Miller has established, and makes for the perfect summer movie.

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