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Mission Impossible Fallout Review

Mission Impossible is the polar opposite of what most franchises have become. The first two are rather hideous compared to the most recent three films. Since Mission Impossible III, there’s been an upward trend of these movies. First returning director for the franchise, Christopher McQuarrie, came aboard the franchise with Rogue Nation and great results. Fallout is somewhat a continuation of leftover events from Rogue Nation. Remember what I mentioned earlier about the upward trend?  Somehow, these films continue to get better. Fallout brings the series its best moments and likely the best film of the franchise and a memorable staple for all action films.

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Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Review

STRICTLY EMBARGOED: 8:00am PST March 22, 2015 Tom Cruise in a scene from the motion picture "Mission Impossible 5." Credit: Christian Black, Paramount Pictures [Via MerlinFTP Drop]Mission Impossible Rogue Nation boasts some grand in scale set pieces and action stages and gives us another highly entertaining jaunt in the series. The movie opens with a bang and showcases one of the biggest moments that has been highlighted throughout much of the marketing. This particular scene was damn impressive, especially knowing that it was an actual stunt that leading man, Tom Cruise, performed. This and many other moments feel so real and are the reason why the movie works so well, the action is fast, nothing feels cheap or fake, and there’s plenty of charm to go around.

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