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Titanfall 2 – Frontier Defence Incoming

It’s the news many pilots  on the frontier have been waiting for. Pilots all around have been hounding Respawn on social media for months on end about the much loved, fan favourite co-op mode, Frontier Defence from Titanfall 1. Well, it’s coming next week in their biggest free DLC/Update since the game launched! Continue reading Titanfall 2 – Frontier Defence Incoming

Respawn cancel Titanfall Frontline

titanfall frontlineWhether you recall hearing about it or not, Respawn’s mobile game Titanfall Frontline has been canceled. The game was still in development and some select players were involved in its closed beta testing. However, the studio didn’t feel like it was up to scratch and didn’t identify with the game series as much as they would have liked. Continue reading Respawn cancel Titanfall Frontline

Titanfall Online will release in South Korea

titanfall onlineA rather surprising piece of news today is the reveal of Titanfall Online, an online only version of Titanfall set to release next year in South Korea. Similar to the Call of Duty Online title, it will allow players to play the game online and spend money on microtransactions to unlock in-game content. Continue reading Titanfall Online will release in South Korea

Pilot, stand by for Titanfall… 2’s 4-One Gaming review

Titanfall 2Titanfall 2 launched a little over tw weeks ago to an absolute minefield of positive reviews from various critics representing all the big names in the video game industry. The problem is that it launched right slap bang between two of the biggest titles in the business, Battlefield and Call of Duty. Fortunately for us, the original game has been one of our most played of this generation of console, so that was enough for me to at least to skip one of those games and pick this up instead. The question remains however, have I made the right decision?

Continue reading Pilot, stand by for Titanfall… 2’s 4-One Gaming review

Titanfall 2 Is The Underdog of 2016

titanfall 2 launch2014 saw the release of the most refreshing FPS in a long time. It was exactly what was needed in a genre turning stale with each new release of Call of Duty and Battlefield. Call of Duty and Battlefield certainly looked better with each new release but the mechanics remained the same every year and it was tiresome. Continue reading Titanfall 2 Is The Underdog of 2016