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10 things I’d like to see from Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2It’s finally happened. After 6 long years Rockstar has finally announced Red Dead Redemption 2. It all began with Rockstar uploading an innocent looking picture to their social media sending the internet into a frenzy. Whilst details are thin on the ground at the minute we will know more by Thursday when the games first trailer is revealed to the waiting world. So what would we like to see in Red Dead Redemption 2 and would we make any changes to the formula that we saw in the last game?

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BioShock Has A Future With 2K Games

1920x1080_bioshock-wallpaper-[4]Last year, BioShock developer Irrational Games shut their doors leaving the future of the series up in the air, but it doesn’t come to much of a surprise that Publisher Take-Two says that it still has a future being the massive IP that it is.

2K games in California currently have the IP, as it was handed to them after the Irrational Games closure, and former head Ken Levine stayed with the publisher despite the majority of the studios talent heading for the hills, with many currently working on much talked about indie titles.

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Take-Two Interactive Register Mafia 3 Domains

Mafia 2It looks like a Mafia 3 announcement might be on the way in the near future, as Take-Two Interactive, parent company of 2K Games, look to have registered some domains for the next game in the Mafia Series.

There is the possibility that the registrations are fake, but the domains are attached to servers at Take2Games.com which is their official site. As well as that, they are also attached to RockstarGames.com, so could we be seeing Rockstar develop the game rather than the previous developers Illusion Softworks (or 2K Czech), or at least have a hand in it?

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