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Spider-Man Homecoming Review

A brief encounter in Civil War (and a highlight) we’ve since wondered how the newest addition to the MCU will fair. Now the sixth Spider-Man film and third cinema incarnation, where does Homecoming belong in the pantheon of Spider-Man 2 and Amazing Spider-Man 2? It’s fair to rank it just slightly below Spider-Man 2 as Homecoming is a delight. It’s nothing revolutionary of the genre but it’s a sure fire success for all parties involved.

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Neill Blomkamp chosen to Direct R-rated Venom Movie

Director of District 9, Elysium, and Chappie, Neill Blomkamp, has been chosen to helm Sony’s Venom movie. Blomkamp has been on hiatus since Ridley Scott has taken reigns of the Alien series with the upcoming Alien Covenant. Blomkamp was slated to direct an Alien movie with Sigourney Weaver, but has been dormant for quite some time. Venom will be his fourth feature film and will be written by Blomkamp and his writing partner/wife Terri Tatchell.

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Spider-Man Homecoming trailer hits the web

spider-man homecomingSpider-Man’s second trailer hits the web today, courtesy of Marvel. In the latest trailer, we see a lot more of the plot, as well as the introduction of the bad guy. There’s a good bit of Iron Man and Tony Stark too, who will serve as the mentor for Peter Parker. Perhaps the trailer shows a little too much though? Continue reading Spider-Man Homecoming trailer hits the web

4-One Retro Corner: Spider-Man (2002)

spider-man-the-movieHello everyone, welcome back to the retro corner. This week, I will be covering one of the more unappreciated Spider-Man games to arrive in the early 2000s, and that’s the game based off the first Spider-Man film with Tobey Maguire. This game released back in 2002 across several consoles, such as the Xbox Original, Playstation 2, Microsoft Windows, Gamecube and even the Gameboy Advance. Continue reading 4-One Retro Corner: Spider-Man (2002)

Captain America: Civil War Review

captain america civil warArguably the main event of the superhero film-fest that is 2016, Captain America: Civil War has been an event long gestating. Long tensions between these characters and their impact on the world have been building on these heroes and Civil War is the result and explosion of some of these events. The invasion of New York, the infiltration of shield, and some more key happenings that are seeded around the MCU. While this movie is undoubtedly a response to Batman v Superman, and while I still contend I greatly enjoyed Batman v Superman, not only is this the best Marvel movie ever made, but I would also add it’s the best superhero movie since 2008’s The Dark Knight. Marvel has made their 5-star, Civil War is brimming with some of the best action I’ve ever seen, an excellent character study amongst the heroes, and further propels the Marvel universe into new and meaningful territory. This one is for the books.

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