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Project Scorpio Specs Reveal

Project ScorpioAt 2pm today, Digital Foundry revealed the specs for Microsoft’s ‘mid-gen’ upgraded Xbox console, codenamed Project Scorpio. The console was announced at E3 last year, after Microsoft revealed the Xbox One S, a slim version of the Xbox One with some great new features. Is Project Scorpio the beast it has been touted as? Continue reading Project Scorpio Specs Reveal

Watch Dogs 2 PC specs, and a slight delay

watch dogs 2Ubisoft don’t want to make another dog’s dinner this time around with the release of Watch Dogs 2, so the publisher has announced a slight delay for the sequel to 2014’s open world action title on PC. As well as that, Ubisoft have also released the minimum and recommended specs, for those wanting to make sure they have the right setup ahead of the game’s launch. Continue reading Watch Dogs 2 PC specs, and a slight delay

Deja vu all over again with Nintendo NX?

Nintendo NXSo we’ve had time to digest the recent information that apparently leaked about the Nintendo NX and I thought it’d be interesting to see what people’s opinions are about it. Before we dive in we should remember that Nintendo haven’t confirmed anything and as such information should be taken with a pinch of salt. Here’s my view on what’s been rumoured. Continue reading Deja vu all over again with Nintendo NX?