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God of War Review

I’ve never played a God of War game before, I’ve heard of it but having spent most of my time on the Xbox 360 it was never a game I looked at too closely. Times change though and I now play on both consoles which meant the latest God of War caught my attention. I found myself researching the past games and instantly knew that this would be right up my street. God of War was hyped up to astronomical levels and the question became, could it live up to that hype. Continue reading God of War Review

PlayStation Plus subscriptions getting a price increase in Europe

PlayStation PlusThis week, Sony sent its newsletter subscribers an email to warn them that as of August 31st, PlayStation Plus subscriptions will be receiving an increase in price. It’s a whopping 25% increase too, but you still have time to buy an annual subscription before the changes take effect. Continue reading PlayStation Plus subscriptions getting a price increase in Europe

Spider-Man Homecoming Review

A brief encounter in Civil War (and a highlight) we’ve since wondered how the newest addition to the MCU will fair. Now the sixth Spider-Man film and third cinema incarnation, where does Homecoming belong in the pantheon of Spider-Man 2 and Amazing Spider-Man 2? It’s fair to rank it just slightly below Spider-Man 2 as Homecoming is a delight. It’s nothing revolutionary of the genre but it’s a sure fire success for all parties involved.

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My E3 2017 Impressions

e3 logo xboxE3 2017 is firmly behind us and I’ve had time to fully digest what was shown to us. I thought it’d be fun to look back at some of my favourite announcements and some of the more cringe worthy parts that need to stop. Overall I thought this years E3 was a bit underwhelming but there were some glimmers of hope that were shown off so lets jump right in and see what impressed me.

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Horizon Zero DawnSo E3 week is behind us and so it’s time to see what you all decided to pick up by looking at the  sales chart. There isn’t much in the way of new releases that feature with Nintendo’s extremely fun “Arms” the most notable release. MOTOGP  17 is the only other new title hoping to enter into pole position in this weeks chart.

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LOTR Shadow of War gameplay

Shadow of WarTalion and the Bright Master are back, and seem to have learnt a few new tricks in their absence, as shown at Xbox E3 2017. During the Lord of the Rings: Shadow of War preview, we saw an extensive look into the new features coming to the game which seem to be the result of an evolution of the original nemesis system that made its debut in Shadow of Mordor.

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