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The Incredibles 2 Review

The first Incredibles first is an ode to superhero and spy films of a golden age in Hollywood. But rather than stopping there, The Incredibles put an all too relevant social commentary on the life and evolution of the superhero. It ended up being a delightful and clever film that was unique. There really isn’t any issue with the first film. It’s perfectly paced, the dialogue is excellent, the action is filmed well. You can see what this film has to live up to, in short it doesn’t. However, it’s definitely a worthy enough sequel that fits in and even stands out among the plethora of superhero films that dominate today’s market.

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Finding Dory Review

Finding Dory‘Finding Nemo’ is considered as a contemporary classic among animated films. Pixar tries to craft a worthy successor to match the right notes of ‘Nemo’ and mostly completes this task. ‘Finding Dory’ is an adventure that gives us an even greater population of rich characters while retreading on some familiar beats. For this reason ‘Dory’ makes for another enjoyable jaunt that doesn’t meet the high standard that ‘Nemo’ set, but gets close to the high notes that the franchise has set. Continue reading Finding Dory Review

A New Finding Dory Trailer Released!

Finding DoryPixar have long been praised for their originality since the studio’s inception, as was evident last weekend when Inside Out was nominated for the Best Original Screenplay Oscar, as well as winning the Oscar for Best Animated feature.

None of Pixar’s films have ever been an adaptation of other material, and the studio will only accept story pitches from their employees. So if you’ve got a spec script that you were secretly hoping you could get Pixar to make – forget it.

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The Best Movie of June is Full of Joy

inside_out_ver5_xlgJune has turned out to be a surprisingly busy month for the theaters. We got to see the likes of Entourage, Spy, Jurassic World, and Ted 2. Of those and quite a few others, one was not like the other; one rose to the ranks of being one of the best of the year so far and certainly the best movie of June. This movie comes from none other than the delightful folks from Pixar; Disney has given us the hilarious emotional romp that is Inside Out. Inside Out distinguishes itself from every other film by having the most heart and letting us experience every emotion in the spectrum of our minds.

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Inside Out Review

pixars_inside_out_2015-wideFrom every movie that has released this summer, Inside Out is the most accessible for every audience. It has the capability to evoke humor, heart, and heavyhearted all in fairly equal portions. The central story revolves around a young girl named Riley, who is built on a few foundations: family, friends, hockey, honesty, and being silly. She’s led by the emotions that control her life and how she acts, Joy being the dominant one who keeps the others in check, voiced by the perky Amy Poehler. The others include Disgust (Mindy Kaling), Anger (Lewis Black), Fear (Bill Hader), and Sadness (Phyllis Smith). These characters are perfectly embodied by the voice actors and actresses that portray them.

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