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No Man’s Sky in-depth gameplay footage

no man's skyNo Man’s Sky is certainly one of 2016’s most exciting titles, and although we’ve seen a good few details on the title, fans are still yearning to learn more. We know it’s a space exploration title, a building experience and a procedurally generated universe, but what else do we need to know? Here, you can see a little more of its gameplay and hear more about it. Continue reading No Man’s Sky in-depth gameplay footage

No Man’s Sky Release Date & Special Editions Revealed!

No Man's SkyNo Man’s Sky developer Sean Murray just posted a big announcement on PlayStation’s blog – No Man’s Sky will be released on June 21st!

In his post, Murray described No Man’s Sky as a game in which you can “trade, fight, explore, and survive in a boundless, computer-generated universe.”

The young developer seemed most excited to announce that a retail version of the game will be available in stores worldwide, and posted a picture of the impeccably designed box-art.

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No Man’s Sky pre-orders to go live this week?

no man's skyThis week on the PlayStation Blog’s store updates, a listing of No Man’s Sky appeared briefly in the Pre-Order section, which was soon removed by Sony. It was dated for ‘3/3’, obviously meaning the 3rd of March, this Thursday. Will fans have an opportunity to pre-order the title, or was this just a mistake? Continue reading No Man’s Sky pre-orders to go live this week?

Rumours of No Man’s Sky releasing this week quelled

no man's skyThere are all sorts of rumours floating around the internet of Sony planning a ‘stealth release’ of Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky. With the release of Halo 5 on the Xbox One tomorrow, could Sony potentially draw some of the attention away from their competition, or would an out-of-nowhere release damage the game’s potential?

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“You discovered Planet Ball Bag” in No Man’s Sky

no man's skySean Murray, lead designer of Hello Games with his title No Man’s Sky recently spoke to Official PlayStation Magazine, and discussed the feature of discovering and naming planets, animals and tech. Of course, the studio are aware of the dangers of giving players control of the naming process, but there’s only so much filtering they can do.

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18 minutes of No Man’s Sky gameplay

no man's skySince the first reveal of No Man’s Sky, many of us are asking questions. What is it? How big is it? What can I do? What can I not do? Can I spend money on ships or weapons? Can I get killed? Can I make friends? Well, some of these questions get answered in IGN’s IGN First for July, where Ryan McCaffrey talks to fellow Irishman Sean Murray, Lead developer at Hello Games.

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E3 2015 Predictions: PlayStation

PlayStation E3 Predictions
I took a little break from doing prediction posts, as they were quite long and tiring (like my…. actually nevermind), but with a week until E3 it is time to get going again.

So far I have given predictions for Bethesda, Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft, and Kat has done her predictions for Nintendo (because I don’t know them as well as she does). All are linked there, so if you want to check them out, do. Sony is the next conference on the list taking place on Monday the 15th of June at 6pm PT, with Square Enix and the PC Gaming Show predictions coming over the next few days.

Despite Sony’s PlayStation 4 being the fastest selling console of all time, people haven’t been too impressed with their exclusive lineup thus far. Sony Computer Entertainment Andrew House called 2015 “a year of investment”, and admitted that Sony’s first-party lineup is “a little sparse”. However, the release of Bloodborne definitely did help stave off the starvation, as it was a masterpiece of a game, and no doubt Sony have a few surprises lined up for E3. While 2015 may be a “little sparse”, I do feel that 2016 will be fantastic for PlayStation owners, as they seem to have a lot of titles planned over the course of the year.

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