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The Best Movies of 2016: Honorable Mentions

movies filmOscar time has finally arrived! This coming weekend, expect the academy to reveal their choices for what they consider to be among the best of 2016 for film. I have finished watching most of the films for 2016 and nearly all of the Oscar contenders. Instead of a prediction list (I’ll give you a hint; La La Land will sweep up and Casey Affleck/Emma Stone will win the big honors) I want to give my insight into what was the best of 2016. Making this list was difficult, I had to organize the list into a concrete top ten and here are some of the omissions that just missed the mark but shouldn’t be overlooked because of that. Here are my honorable mentions in no particular order:

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Midnight Special Review

maxresdefaultSometimes amongst big budget movies we forget the best kind of Sci-Fi is the kind that makes you reflect on what you saw. As someone who does much existential thinking (about purpose, death, and afterlife) Midnight Special hit a chord with me that not many movies do. Much of the movie feels like a Christopher Nolan trailer, the plot is mysterious, and we don’t even have a sense of what we’re dealing with until the end. Many critics and film fans may be put off by this, but I actually love the ambiguity to it. It makes for a compelling family-focused drama. While the flaws are present, I thought Midnight Special was a beautiful movie, complete with a great premise, fantastic acting, and a thoughtful ending that most Sci-Fi fans should appreciate.

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