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Sea Of Thieves Review

Sea of ThievesSea of Thieves was in development for quite a while and I was lucky enough to be a part of the play test sessions and provide the developers with feedback throughout so that they could hopefully improve the game so that it could reach its potential come release day. So did Sea of thieves reach it’s Potential?  It’s a tricky one to answer. The short version is no but if you want the slightly longer version then read on.  Continue reading Sea Of Thieves Review

Forza Motorsport 7 Impressions

Forza Motorsport 7Forza Motorsport 7 is here at last. Forza is a series I’ve been playing for years now, Since Forza Motorsport 2 to be more precise. Before Forza I would play the Gran Tourismo series, Toca, Grid as well as others. It’s fair to say that I quite like racing games although in more recent years I’ve tended to stick with just Forza, mainly because it’s been the best racing game to be had with a control pad in my opinion. So what does Forza Motorsport 7 bring to the table? Read on and I’ll give you my thoughts. Continue reading Forza Motorsport 7 Impressions

List of enhanced Xbox One X titles

xbox one xYesterday at Gamescom, Microsoft opened the pre-order floodgates for the Xbox One X, the most powerful games console the world has ever seen. Revealed officially during E3 back in June, fans couldn’t put their money down to guarantee the machine until yesterday, which was a very odd move. Hype may have died down, or increased, who knows, but those who really want it, can now pre-order one. But what games will benefit from the 40% power increase and 4K visual upgrades? Let’s take a look. Continue reading List of enhanced Xbox One X titles

My E3 2017 Impressions

e3 logo xboxE3 2017 is firmly behind us and I’ve had time to fully digest what was shown to us. I thought it’d be fun to look back at some of my favourite announcements and some of the more cringe worthy parts that need to stop. Overall I thought this years E3 was a bit underwhelming but there were some glimmers of hope that were shown off so lets jump right in and see what impressed me.

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LOTR Shadow of War gameplay

Shadow of WarTalion and the Bright Master are back, and seem to have learnt a few new tricks in their absence, as shown at Xbox E3 2017. During the Lord of the Rings: Shadow of War preview, we saw an extensive look into the new features coming to the game which seem to be the result of an evolution of the original nemesis system that made its debut in Shadow of Mordor.

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Dragonball Fighter Z revealed

dragonball fighter zWith the exception of perhaps Xenoverse, the Dragonball franchise has somewhat struggled to succeed when it came to bringing that epic experience to our fingertips in the form of a video game. And while we’re yet to hear anything in terms of details it does at least look as though they’re about the have another fair crack at it, following Phil Spencers introduction, Dragonball Fighter Z has been revealed to launch exclusively on Xbox One, early next year.

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Forza Motorsport 7 reveal

Forza Motorsport 7Before I start, I’d just like to say, it’s been a while since I’ve broke out the laptop and done this, so chances are I’m not going to be up to the usual standard that 4-One Gaming likes to present. However, given the biggest Xbox E3 conference of our time is currently live streaming in front of me, I thought now would be a good time to make a return and lend a hand.

And so far, they haven’t disappointed. Premiering alongside the awesome new Porsche 911 GT2 RS, Forza Motorsport 7 has been given a full reveal.

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Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition Review

MinecraftSo we all know what Minecraft is by now as it can pretty much be found on most devices out there bar the microwave or maybe the toaster. Keeping that in mind I won’t bore you with an in depth review of the latest version of the game to release and will keep it short and sweet.

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What I want to see at E3 2017

E3 2017E3 2017 is fast approaching and for a few companies this year is perhaps more important than most. Microsoft have their Scorpio console which will need to convince gamers to part with cash, Nintendo need to show that the Switch is more than a WiiU MK2 and Sony need to keep the pressure on their competitors after a successful start to the year. On the PC side of things I hope companies show why PC gaming is growing at an almighty rate and that it’s not as out of reach as some people might assume. Continue reading What I want to see at E3 2017

Turn 10 and Porsche strike a Forza deal for 6 years

forza horizon 3 porscheBetween Gran Turismo Sport, Project CARS 2 and now Forza Horizon 3, there’s been loads of racing game news so far this week. Turn 10 have announced a new partnership with Porsche that will see the gorgeous cars making an appearance in upcoming Forza titles, and the fun has already begun in Forza Horizon 3. Continue reading Turn 10 and Porsche strike a Forza deal for 6 years