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Alien Covenant Review

alien covenantRemember when you went to go see Prometheus expecting the allure of Alien but ultimately leaving the theater mostly fulfilled. Alien Covenant is the Alien movie that would have met expectations of seeing Prometheus. It gives us more of what we know from the Alien world, blending styles from both Alien and Aliens. We get some clarity and resolutions from past Alien films. Continue reading Alien Covenant Review

Assassin’s Creed Movie Review

Assassin's CreedAssassin’s Creed is a bigger mystery than the Apple of Eden itself. Here we have a movie with an equal amount of highs and lows. For every great concept brought to the table it is leveled with something poor. The creative team brought hope for this movie. Both the director, composer, and leads of last year’s Macbeth lead this film. I loved Macbeth aside that it’s nearly incomprehensible to those without a degree in Shakespearean literature.  Still, the performances were incredible, the shots were astounding (some of the best I’ve ever seen), and it had competent direction. With these cogs in play, you might believe that we should have a strong film, well let’s talk about that.

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X-men Apocalypse Review

X-men ApocalypseBryan Singer’s X-men movies have been among my favorite in the land of comic book adaptations. In particular, First Class and Days of Future Past have been fantastic achievements and are highlights among all the comic book adaptations. So Apocalypse has a lot to live up to, what it does is give us just as many brilliant moments as half-hearted ones. I liked X-men Apocalypse but what it tries to do is mix the formulas of both First Class and DoFP into one movie that has many successful moments along with quite a few pitfalls. I was however pleased to see the movie and I might say I would watch it again.

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Assassins Creed movie trailer and screenshots

assassins creed movie posterThe Assassins Creed game series has been with us for what feels like decades, or generations if you want to look beyond release dates and instead at where the games take us. It was only a matter of time before it hit the big screen, and with a release at the end of the year, we finally got our first look at it in action. Continue reading Assassins Creed movie trailer and screenshots

Assassin’s Creed movie finishes filming, it’s “something special”

assassin's creed movieFilming of the upcoming feature film of Assassin’s Creed has finished this weekend, and Michael Fassbender who stars in the movie says “I think we’ve got something special”, so that’s somewhat optimistic, isn’t it? The film will now enter the post production phase before its penciled in release date of December 2016. Continue reading Assassin’s Creed movie finishes filming, it’s “something special”

Michael Fassbender had never played Assassin’s Creed before movie role

fassbender assassin's creed movieMichael Fassbender, the actor chosen by Ubisoft to headline the big screen adaptation of Assassin’s Creed has admitted to Entertainment Weekly that before he was cast as the character Callum Lynch, he never actually played an Assassin’s Creed title. Continue reading Michael Fassbender had never played Assassin’s Creed before movie role

First look at Michael Fassbender in Assassin’s Creed movie

assassin's creed movie posterWe’ve known for some time that Ubisoft were working on a live action movie adaptation of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, which has so far enjoyed some pretty decent live action short films to promote their games. We already knew that Michael Fassbender was to play the leading role, but that was all. Now, we get to see him!

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