Ark developer facing lawsuit over breach of contract

ark-survival-evolvedAccording to Kotaku, Trendy. the developer of Dungeon Defenders “alleges that their former creative director, game designer Jeremy Stieglitz, breached his contract and has been secretly working on Ark: Survival Evolved since he resigned from his position in 2014.” If proven to be true, Ark may be pulled from sale, upsetting its massive fan base and making dinosaurs go extinct again. Continue reading

Oculus Founder Sued for Breach of Contract

lawsuitPalmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus VR, is reportedly being sued for breach of contract and fraud by the Hawaiian-based company, Total Recall Technologies. It is said that Luckey had worked on a head mounted display prototype for the company in 2011 and he is now being accused of using their information and feedback to create his Kickstarter in 2012.


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