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God of War Review

I’ve never played a God of War game before, I’ve heard of it but having spent most of my time on the Xbox 360 it was never a game I looked at too closely. Times change though and I now play on both consoles which meant the latest God of War caught my attention. I found myself researching the past games and instantly knew that this would be right up my street. God of War was hyped up to astronomical levels and the question became, could it live up to that hype. Continue reading God of War Review

You’re gonna die in a plane crash, and why spoiling games’ plots are bad

god of war spoilWe’re all gamers, it’s why you’re here reading this article, on this very website, from our little Facebook page. We all have our favourite titles we fondly remember, or follow on with comics, short stories, fan fiction, novels and sometimes, movies. We follow certain storylines and lore, characters and their adventures, and look forward to what the future holds for these avatars. However, there are those who love nothing more than to ruin the experience for us. (no spoilers ahead)

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God of War PS4 Gets Release Frame, New Gameplay Trailer

god of warGod of War was given an early 2018 release frame and was accompanied by a new trailer! In this trailer, we get a solid look at new gameplay and the relationship dynamics between Kratos and his son. Numerous new enemies and characters were shown as Kratos slaughters them with often minimal effort. Check out the new trailer below:

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PlayStation Plus Free Games for August

PlayStation Plus instant game collectionSony have announced the free games PlayStation Plus members will be receiving during August for the PlayStation 4, 3 and Vita.

There are some fantastic games on offer, including Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris and God of War: Ascension with PS3 and PS4 owners getting 4 games in all thanks to Cross-Buy support.

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David Jaffe Despises “Insiders” who Ruin E3

David JaffeVeteran Game Designer and Developer David Jaffe, well known for his work on God of War and Twisted Metal, and currently working on Drawn to Death, has come out swinging at industry “insiders” who leak info on games prior to E3.

Jaffe wrote his rant on Twitter, saying it is the “height of arrogance and asshole behavior” that such people will happily ruin the work many people have spent “months” setting up to surprise fans. In no way does he blame the fans for wanting to know the info, nor gaming news websites for running it, but the insiders themselves who provide the leaks.

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E3 2015 Predictions: PlayStation

PlayStation E3 Predictions
I took a little break from doing prediction posts, as they were quite long and tiring (like my…. actually nevermind), but with a week until E3 it is time to get going again.

So far I have given predictions for Bethesda, Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft, and Kat has done her predictions for Nintendo (because I don’t know them as well as she does). All are linked there, so if you want to check them out, do. Sony is the next conference on the list taking place on Monday the 15th of June at 6pm PT, with Square Enix and the PC Gaming Show predictions coming over the next few days.

Despite Sony’s PlayStation 4 being the fastest selling console of all time, people haven’t been too impressed with their exclusive lineup thus far. Sony Computer Entertainment Andrew House called 2015 “a year of investment”, and admitted that Sony’s first-party lineup is “a little sparse”. However, the release of Bloodborne definitely did help stave off the starvation, as it was a masterpiece of a game, and no doubt Sony have a few surprises lined up for E3. While 2015 may be a “little sparse”, I do feel that 2016 will be fantastic for PlayStation owners, as they seem to have a lot of titles planned over the course of the year.

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