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Toxicity in Gaming

toxic gamersToxicity in the gaming community. It’s a huge problem. I have been wanting to write a piece on this subject for a long time as it’s been something that has bothered me for the better part of the last few years. You cannot write a piece like this without stepping on a few toes and kicking a few shins so I should apologize preemptively for the people that this will undoubtedly offend. Rather than seeing this as me calling people out, look at this as a wakeup call to become more helpful with other gamers in the online gaming setting and understand that we are all here to enjoy and partake of our favorite hobby together. Continue reading Toxicity in Gaming

Gaming with a Projector

elephas projectorAs someone who has playing video games for most of my life, I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that the idea of playing your favourite game on a theatre projector is a dream I’ve had for a long time. The dream has never come true, but recently, I’ve had a taste of it, and I am absolutely in love. This holiday, I was given the gift of a projector! Continue reading Gaming with a Projector

PewDiePie doesn’t like overeager fans

PewdiepieCelebrity life, fast cars, big houses, beautiful women and overeager fans. Well it doesn’t seem like theres any exception for the rules when it comes to celebrities in the gaming world either, as Pewdiepie will tell you. YouTube’s golden boy has recently came out in a video and told the world that he’s tired of having to deal with overeager fans attending his home address, despite having moved several times over the years he’s been famous.

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4-One Gaming review: Overwatch (console version)

OverwatchAs soon as I heard that a new IP was in development from Blizzard Entertainment, I jumped on the hype train. I’ve been a fan of their games for as long as I can remember and there’s very few developers out their that can live up to Blizzard’s reputation. Of course, releasing an all new shooter to an already crowded marketplace was never going to be an easy job, but I couldn’t think of a more capable developer for the job. So here we go, Overwatch on console, reviewed.

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The Pain and Strife of a Gamer’s Wife

gta jimmy gaming gamerWalking through the door from a 10 hour shift at work to see him there…in his gamer posture (you guys all have one!) Headset on, controller in hand, completely oblivious to my presence. This is a scene I encountered on a regular occasion. Shouting hello loud enough for him to hear me only for him to then throw me a sideways glance and half smile Continue reading The Pain and Strife of a Gamer’s Wife

Slim-line Xbox One model could be in the works

Xbox OneIt’s one of those stories that you really do need to take with a pinch of salt, but following two new filings to the FFC, it has led many to believe that Microsoft are planning to reveal a new Xbox One design at E3 2016. Now, this could be something as simple as some form of wireless accessory for the console, given that kind of technology first needs to be approved by the Federal Communications commission.

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4K TVs, frame rates and HDMI cables for consoles

4k gamingI, Sean, really strive to give you guys and gals some practical consumer advice on technology and gaming. I always seek to give you advice and opinions that you can go and test for yourself and see the difference. This is no different. Some of you may remember a little piece that I wrote about 2 months ago on why waiting to upgrade to a 4K TV was a smart choice and why I chose to wait. Continue reading 4K TVs, frame rates and HDMI cables for consoles