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PewDiePie doesn’t like overeager fans

PewdiepieCelebrity life, fast cars, big houses, beautiful women and overeager fans. Well it doesn’t seem like theres any exception for the rules when it comes to celebrities in the gaming world either, as Pewdiepie will tell you. YouTube’s golden boy has recently came out in a video and told the world that he’s tired of having to deal with overeager fans attending his home address, despite having moved several times over the years he’s been famous.

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My thoughts on the whole Jimmy Kimmel controversy

Jimmy Kimmel has sure become a focus of attention in the gaming communityIf you’ve been browsing the internet for the past week, you may have heard that a famous TV comedian known as Jimmy Kimmel, recently mocked the “Let’s Play” community on Youtube. Of course, this has attracted the collective wrath of countless internet users, which is no surprise considering how big the gaming community is on Youtube.


Unsurprisingly, many of the people that saw the sketch decided to write very angry messages to Jimmy, which he didn’t seem to take seriously, the latest development is that two popular Youtube channels: Markiplier and Missesmae tried to help the TV show host get a better understanding of this culture. I have decided to leave my two cents on this whole issue.

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