The Pain and Strife of a Gamer’s Wife

gta jimmy gaming gamerWalking through the door from a 10 hour shift at work to see him there…in his gamer posture (you guys all have one!) Headset on, controller in hand, completely oblivious to my presence. This is a scene I encountered on a regular occasion. Shouting hello loud enough for him to hear me only for him to then throw me a sideways glance and half smile Continue reading

There’s ‘no plans’ for paid Fallout 4 mods on Xbox

Fallout 4Possibly one of the biggest announcements of the Xbox E3 2015 conference was the announcement of PC style mods making their debut on console, courtesy of Fallout 4 on the Xbox One. It was a great idea, one that has been welcomed by the general Xbox community, not only is it a console first, it’s also a great insight as to what could be in store for these type of games in the future. We just need to get Rockstar on board now.  Continue reading