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Wonder Woman Review

Wonder Woman shares many similarities with Richard Donner’s Superman. It doesn’t quite reach the heights of what Donner put on-screen back in 1978. Donner’s Superman is the defining characterization of the superhero. Fast forward to 2017 and Wonder Woman hits all the right notes to give a spiritual successor to Donner’s achievement. Though it’s not perfect, it’s an excellent film that strays away from setting up new stories and continuing other stories from past films. It’s a golden age comic adaptation: one that nails the story and message.

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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

batman v supermanMystified. The main word that comes to mind when reflecting on Batman v Superman. As a DC fan and film-goer, I’ve had my sights on this movie for quite some time. Growing more and more eager to see the final product. Much hinges on the critical and financial success of this movie. Will this jumpstart the DC Cinematic Universe? Does it have what it takes to contend with Marvel? Will it bring something fresh to the comic book movie genre? With excitement and glee I can answer these questions: yes to all the above. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a triumph over seemingly insurmountable odds. We get a brilliantly crafted movie that is not only the most unique comic book film that I’ve ever seen, but damn near brought me to tears, something the Nolan Batman’s or any comic book film has ever accomplished.

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