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Tacoma Review

From the developers of “Gone Home” comes a great sci-fi story told within a fascinating world for the asking price of $10 too much. Tacoma boasts loads of personality, the game wouldn’t work without accomplishing this feat. Getting to know the lives of the crew members, their personal stories, and connectedness (or lack of) to one another feels very intimate and engaging. For fans of “Gone Home” or good story games in general, I would definitely recommend Tacoma but for those looking for something other/more than a storytelling experience you might want to wait for a sale.

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Gone Home will find a home on consoles next year

gone homeAfter months and months of uncertainty and doubt, Fullbright’s critically enjoyed Gone Home is finally making its way to console. Due earlier in the year, it seemed to just fall off the radar entirely, and it was unknown if it would ever see the light of day on Xbox or PlayStation. Last night, it was officially announced, again! Continue reading Gone Home will find a home on consoles next year