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Nintendo Switch Fortnite review

After receiving tons of requests, well one…which may have been said jokingly, I decided it was long due the time we covered Fortnite. As far as i know none of us at 4-One really play Fortnite much, instead preferring to dabble in a bit of PUBG. My kids persuaded me to give Fortnite a go and I’ve decided to put more time into it and see what the game is about. Now I’ve actually played Fortnite on all platforms so I’m going to review Fortnite on its own merits and then cover the Switch version afterwards to compare it to the PC/PS4/Xbox versions. If you want to skip ahead to that bit just look for the row of *s

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Gears of War plot summary

gears of war logoPerhaps you’re new to Gears of War and Xbox, and you are interested in picking up Gears of War 4. The only thing is, you probably don’t know much about the story, but don’t want to feel deterred. Sure, you can get all three backwards compatible (shush Judgment) main titles free with your pre-order but if you’re stuck for time and just want to play the new game, here’s a short summarised revision of the story. Expect some spoilers. Continue reading Gears of War plot summary

Epic Announce Paragon for 2016

Paragon LogoEpic Games haven’t been seen much over the last few years outside Unreal Tournament, as the majority of their energy goes towards the Unreal Engine, which continues to be exceptionally popular among triple-a and indie devs, as well as students.

While for the most-part, they are a software company, they haven’t forgotten their roots in Games Development and today announced a new game in the works called Paragon!

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Finalists of the Develop Awards 2015 Revealed

Develop Awards 2014137 companies from all over the world are squaring off as finalists at the 2015 Develop Industry Excellence Awards.  There are a lot of awards to be handed out, 20 in total, for all aspects of gaming, from New Game IP and Use of Narrative to the tech they use and the studios themselves.

The awards have been redone a bit this year and are now split into three categories;  Creativity, Tech & Services and Studio. Because of the number of nominations, new awards have been created as well as older ones updates. New awards this year include Technological Support, two New Game IP awards, Two Creative Outsourcer awards and more.

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