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DMC 4 Special Edition Dante Combat Introduction

dmc special editionCapcom has released a new trailer for upcoming remaster title, Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, showing off the combat mechanics and abilities of Dante, who is a playable character in this version of the game, alongside characters Trish and Lady. The developer video details the complexity of Dante, stating that he’s probably the most complex character in the whole of DMC.

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Spotlight – Condemning upcoming games

Evolve Behemoth spotlightThis week’s Community Spotlight points at Gabriel Jose Salcido, who sent us a private message this week, asking us a few questions on gaming. We enjoy your PMs, so keep them coming, if you don’t want to post them on our wall publicly. One of his questions was about how announced games get the ‘pitchfork threatment’ before they’re even released. Why is that?

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