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The Incredibles 2 Review

The first Incredibles first is an ode to superhero and spy films of a golden age in Hollywood. But rather than stopping there, The Incredibles put an all too relevant social commentary on the life and evolution of the superhero. It ended up being a delightful and clever film that was unique. There really isn’t any issue with the first film. It’s perfectly paced, the dialogue is excellent, the action is filmed well. You can see what this film has to live up to, in short it doesn’t. However, it’s definitely a worthy enough sequel that fits in and even stands out among the plethora of superhero films that dominate today’s market.

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Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi Review

Star Wars: The Last JediDisney gave director, Rian Johnson, an entire Star Wars trilogy for him to develop out of confidence for The Last Jedi, they made the right choice. The Last Jedi is a film that move at breakneck pace to cover lots of ground, which 90% of it gripping. The stakes in this movie are high and characters don’t feel safe which is fantastic. It breaks such a traditional mold of what Star Wars is normally comprised of. It doesn’t forget its fans yet makes strides for the future and in bold directions. There are a few of astounding moment and plenty of surprises. This easily makes for the best Star Wars from Disney and also a film that reigns at the top of the totem pole along with The Empire Strikes Back. 

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Disney’s Beauty and the Beast movie review

beauty and the beastThis weekend, I had the pleasure of sitting down to watch Disney’s Beauty & the Beast, a remake of the classic timeless tale, but in live action. Since 2010, Disney have been remaking their classic stories in live action format from Alice in Wonderland, to Maleficent, Cinderella and The Jungle Book. While it’s some time since I’ve watched the original Beauty and the Beast, it held some sentimental value for me this weekend, which I will explain. Continue reading Disney’s Beauty and the Beast movie review

Backwards Compatible titles for March 3rd on Xbox

xbox backwards compatible decemberThis week’s backwards compatible titles are a bit of a decent batch to be fair. Two Disney titles make the list, as do two Xbox 360 fan favourites from back in the day. As usual, pop the discs in your drive, or check your Ready to Install list if you own them digitally, and enjoy some old memories. Continue reading Backwards Compatible titles for March 3rd on Xbox

Forza Horizon and Castle of Illusion now backwards compatible

xbox backwards compatible decemberTwo more backwards compatible titles have arrived this month for Xbox One , with Disney’s Castle of Illusion and Forza Horizon. Horizon will be available to all Xbox Live Gold members tomorrow as part of September’s Games with Gold, but if you have it now, fire it up and start racing. Continue reading Forza Horizon and Castle of Illusion now backwards compatible

Finding Dory Review

Finding Dory‘Finding Nemo’ is considered as a contemporary classic among animated films. Pixar tries to craft a worthy successor to match the right notes of ‘Nemo’ and mostly completes this task. ‘Finding Dory’ is an adventure that gives us an even greater population of rich characters while retreading on some familiar beats. For this reason ‘Dory’ makes for another enjoyable jaunt that doesn’t meet the high standard that ‘Nemo’ set, but gets close to the high notes that the franchise has set. Continue reading Finding Dory Review

New Trailer for Steven Spielberg’s ‘The BFG’

The BFGSteven Spielberg’s newest film, an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s book ,The BFG, is only three months away from release. Disney released a teaser trailer for the film back in December, and today is the day that a full length trailer has finally emerged. The new trailer boasts elements of fantasy, spectacle and adventure, all things which have become synonymous with Spielberg’s oeuvre.
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