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Deadpool SPOILER Review

deadpoolHey chimichanga fans, fangirls, and fanboys alike! This guy right here was lucky enough to see Deadpool and while we have the lovely standard review out, I wanna dive into the meat and potatoes of this movie and what makes it, with some thoughts for the future sprinkled in. From here on out there are nothing but spoilers and swears, two or three of my favorite S-words. I repeat there are Deadpool spoilers abundant, do not read this until you’ve seen the movie or if you’re a greedy person that just like things ruined. Below are spoilers and intense language.

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Deadpool Review

deadpool-trailer-2-56-163948We live in a world where there are six comic book movies coming out in this year. Since 2008 the industry has been growing and blooming thanks to Marvel Studios, Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, and Bryan Singer’s return to the X-men franchise. Around two years ago some test footage for a Ryan Reynolds Deadpool movie leaked onto the internet and drew massive buzz because not only was the character’s mouth NOT sown shut, but it was actually a pretty faithful take on the source material. The response was so overwhelmingly positive that Fox funded a Deadpool movie and here we are. But with the overflow of comic book movies what does Deadpool bring to the table that the other movies haven’t? I would say one of the most faithful adaptations of a comic book character that we’ve ever seen. Continue reading Deadpool Review

Deadpool encourages you to touch yourself tonight

deadpoolIn the latest Deadpool video, of which there are a few, Wade Wilson encourages fans to touch themselves, all in the aim to beat cancer. Pun unintended. I guess you could say that fans look up to superheroes and their words of wisdom, and even for Deadpool’s standards, these are good words of advice. Continue reading Deadpool encourages you to touch yourself tonight