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Justice League Review

DC’s main event is a mostly enjoyable one with a few noticeable caveats. Character dynamics shine brightest, the league is rounded out by lots of charismatic moments. Each hero has a few scenes that help solidify their personalities and contributions to the group. These moments, like Flash and the speed force or Wonder Woman foiling terrorists, these are excellent scenes. There are certainly questionable moments that could have been edited out, seeing as this movie was supposedly edited down from 2 hours and 50 minutes to just shy of 2 hours. While the CGI is annoying, the villain isn’t memorable, and the story isn’t anything new, there’s still plenty to enjoy in Justice League and enough to recommend to comic fans and general film-goers.

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What Logan Means for Comic Book Movies

Logan Comic book adaptations are the Western of the 21st century. Throughout the 50-60s there was an influx of Western movies, a new one releasing every few months, if that. The crawl of comic book movies and progression to phenomena has been a long time coming. You can attribute their mainstream success thanks to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy and the connectedness of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This success has launched a stronger emphasis for DC to keep up with Marvel and for Fox to increase production on the X-men movies. 2016 saw six superhero movies from these three behemoths and 2017 will grace us with another six. Through these years we’ve only see a few game-changers, such as, The Dark Knight. Well it’s time to add another and it goes by the name of Logan.

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DC Universe Online now available on Xbox One

dc universe onlineIt has been a long time coming, but Daybreak Games have finally launched free-to-play DC Universe Online on Xbox One. After years of being available on PC and PlayStation platforms, this is the first time the MMO will be playable for Xbox fans, and will let you suit up and personalise your hero however you like. Continue reading DC Universe Online now available on Xbox One

RUMOUR: Suicide Squad to Undergo Reshoots in Order to Add More Humour

Squad LogoGenerally speaking, whenever news breaks that a highly-anticipated blockbuster is undergoing reshoots, it’s considered a bad sign. If the film isn’t quite cutting it in the editing room (pun totally intended), certain scenes are rewritten and reshot at the last minute in order to save the film from certain doom. Continue reading RUMOUR: Suicide Squad to Undergo Reshoots in Order to Add More Humour

Batman V Superman Director’s Cut Rated R by MPAA

batman-v-superman-dawn-of-justice_bb788b6fThe Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is responsible for rating most films that have a theatrical release and many that have DVD releases as well. While the theatrical release of Batman V Superman will still be PG-13, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition has been rated R for “sequences of violence.” This essentially means that the blu-ray release of the movie will have an R-rated take obviously for more graphic violence.

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