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The Best Movies of 2016

moviesOscar time has finally arrived! This coming weekend, expect the academy to reveal their choices for what they consider to be among the best of 2016 for film. I have finished watching most of the films for 2016 and nearly all of the Oscar contenders. Instead of a prediction list (I’ll give you a hint; La La Land will sweep up and Casey Affleck/Emma Stone will win the big honors) I want to give my insight into what was the best of 2016. Making this list was difficult,, but these ten movies have stood out as prominent front-runners. Take a look at 10-6 today and tune in tomorrow for the remainder of the list. We will start out with the best animated movie of 2016.

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Arrival Movie Review

arrival movieArrival is layered with emotional depth and a grounded/realistic sci-fi story about when first contact comes to us. Arrival isn’t for the small-minded or those with little attention spans. It’s a slow movie that thrives off of build-ups and pay-offs. But for those who enjoy movies where you need to put some thought into perception, known as the thinking-man’s/woman’s Sci-Fi, you’ll exit the theater in bewilderment and wonder. A film that is more than competent in direction, acting, sound design, and story. Arrival is not only a superb adaptation, but it’s something that has stood with me, that I have comprehended yet yearn more for. The engrossing soundtrack, the beautiful shot selection, a supreme performance from Amy Adams, and a story that should turn heads and elicit emotion.

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