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Dublin will soon gets its own arcade-restaurant-pub space called Token

Token DublinGreat news for folks in and around Dublin as this summer will see the grand opening of a new gaming focused arcade-bar-restaurant close to the city centre. A project that has been in the works for three years will now open this summer. Get ready to spend your time in Token! Continue reading Dublin will soon gets its own arcade-restaurant-pub space called Token

Overwatch’s latest update adds a wealth of content

overwatch novemberOverwatch’s latest update is now live for all formats and it weighs in at 10.8GB. The latest update adds a wealth of new features from a new character, new map, new arcade mode and season 3 of competitive mode plus various different tweaks and the best thing about it? It’s all free. Continue reading Overwatch’s latest update adds a wealth of content

Daaaaaaytonaaaaaa is back! Daytona 3 hitting arcades

daytona 777 speedwayBack in the days of the arcade, Sega were the kings. Sure, we had Namco with their lightgun games that won over a load of players, but it was Sega’s 5 minute bursts of fun and creativity that set them apart from the competition. When the games hit consoles, they were certainly lacking in content, but for a pound, they were perfect. Daytona USA was said to be making a comeback, and here it is! Continue reading Daaaaaaytonaaaaaa is back! Daytona 3 hitting arcades

Revival Solstice 2016 comes to town

Revival solstice 2016If you find yourself wondering what to do this weekend, you’re in the UK and you’re looking for a good day out then why not head over to “Banks Stadium” in Walsall where you’ll find Revival Solstice 2016 taking place.  These events are great for discovering games of the past and reliving gaming moments from your childhood or younger years. there always plenty to do and watch and all sorts of goodies to spend your coins on. Continue reading Revival Solstice 2016 comes to town

Retro Corner: Pong

How retro can we go? Well, pretty fookin’ retro as today we talk about Pong, the game that kickstarted the global gaming industry we see today!

Despite popular belief, Pong was not the first video game ever made. In fact, there were quite a few before that, including Computer Space which was the first commercially sold coin-operated game of any kind created by Nolan Bushneil and Ted Dabney who later founded a little company you may have heard of called Atari. In turn, the development of Computer Space led to Pong in its own way as Atari were the ones who created and manufactured the game.

Before Pong, Video Gaming was practically non-existent in the mainstream, with only a handful of people, usually your stereotypical unsocial programmer with prescription glasses and retainers, even looking at its potential. That was until Allan Alcorn, an engineer at Atari, came up with the idea for a two-dimensional table tennis simulator that can be played between two players, and thus Pong was born.

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PlayStation Deals – Europe

Telltale collectionIt’s the Telltale Game Collection heading up the deals this week. The Collection includes The Walking Dead Season 1 and 2, The Wolf Among Us, and the current episodes from Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones and will be available for £32.99/€39.99. A new arcade classics sale will mean plenty for fighting and retro fans with games ranging from Altered Beast and Golden Axe to Ultra Street Fighter IV and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. Last week’s Warner Bros sale also continues.


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